Frequently Asked Questions

- What should I wear for a Boudoir portrait session?

There are no rules as to what to wear for your Boudoir portrait session. We would recommend preparing outfits you feel comfortable in and confident. Boudoir can feel a little intimidating especially the first time so we can tailor the session to your comfort level. Bringing a set of pyjamas or nighties alongside a robe and lingerie should offer a base to play with but it is ultimately your choice which outfit works for you. The number of outfits per session is dependent on the session length you booked. It is best to wear loose (or no) underwear to avoid marks if you want to build to implied or artful posed nude. Retouching is kept minimal and refusal to follow this advice might impact the final images or the poses we recommend.

- Where are the sessions taking place?

Locations vary every week between a range of hotels or photography studios. If you have a preference please message us through our contact form or Instagram before booking a date so we can let you know which date will correspond to your preferred location style. All sessions will take place around Glasgow City centre mainly, we might offer pop ups at different cities in the future so follow Esquisse Intime on Instagram to stay in the loop! 

Do you have any other questions? Send them through our contact form so we can answer them and add answers here too!


Glasgow Boudoir portrait of a Model sitting by a window holding a bouquet of pink roses while wearing a striped oversized shirt.