Boudoir Photography in Glasgow: a Beginning

Boudoir Photography in Glasgow: a Beginning

It all started in front of a mirror, wearing a lingerie set I had been eyeing on Instagram for months, measured myself for and finally received in the hope of having some Boudoir portraits taken into. The reflection was painful and unflattering. We all know how to dress so our bodies are not visible in all their candour in our daily lives but with not much on in front of a mirror it is hard not to feel vulnerable and I certainly realise in that instant a Boudoir Portrait would not do much to make me feel better.

Now I am in a much better place in life than I used to be over a decade ago and it makes a big difference in how I handled that moment. My soft stomach skin, delicately laced by stretch marks etched over four pregnancies means something to myself and I know that my body is providing me with the ability to enjoy precious moments with the people I love everyday and I am grateful for its hard work and resilience. I wish I had appreciated it a long time ago but that is a story for another time. 

I realised I cannot be the only other person who wants intimate portraits but is struggling in how to present themselves and what to wear. I have photographed women going through wondrous times of their lives for years and I know that the outfit matters very little compared to the emotion captured in a photograph. There is a French beauty tip girls learn growing up in France of not going after everything but picking the feature that makes you feel the most confident and making that a priority while letting the rest fall into place, whether it is a well drawn lip, cheeks and clear skin or your eyes, it is up to you and if you ever want to feel dressed up for an evening adding eyeliner when you have a signature red lip is an easy step that immediately yields results. I decided to apply this to Boudoir Photography, incidentally bringing back the Boudoir to this intimate, casual space where women could have a relaxing moment of time all to themselves in private. We are keeping it simple, you decide to wear what feels good for you and have a relaxing moment of emotionally intimate portraits being taken for you. 

The mission is simple, Esquisse Intime which translates to Intimate Sketching in English is all about showcasing you and how beautiful you already are.

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