Glasgow Boudoir: Reasons to book yourself a Boudoir portrait session.

Glasgow Boudoir: Reasons to book yourself a Boudoir portrait session.

Boudoir portraits are often thought of images being taken of women in lingerie that are then gifted to a romantic partner. While this can be a perfectly good reason to book a Boudoir session, there are far more fun and satisfying reasons to have a Boudoir portrait taken.

Boudoir photography is all about capturing your beauty in a very intimate setting. It does not officially have to involve revealing lingerie or implied nude, it can be taken in a robe or pyjamas, nightgown, even joggers if this is what feels right. Your photographer will help you pose in ways that are flattering and at your comfort level. There is something very special receiving images of yourself and seeing how beautiful you are. No matter where you are in your life journey, these images are a testament to this very moment and it can be incredibly empowering to have taken the time to show appreciation for yourself in this way. 

Glasgow Boudoir Photograph of a model lying in bed wearing pink pyjamas and holding a cup of coffee.

Boudoir done right is fun. Sure it can sound a little intimidating but it truly can be a great experience. There are very few times in life we allow our guard down like we do in a Boudoir session but this is one of the good ones with the right photographer. The time is dedicated to you and you might find yourself enjoying the experience so much it will become something you will want to do again. Boudoir is about showing love and gratitude towards yourself and making space for you. It is a form of self care, it is the photography equivalent of getting a blow dry at the hairdresser rather than at home, you can snap pictures and selfies of yourself any day but we all know treating yourself to a professional service is a satisfying feeling and an investment in yourself.

Glasgow Boudoir monochrome portrait of model in bed covered in a white loose shirt.

I personally found Boudoir was a way of physically showing thanks to my body. It has given me five wonderful children, it has supported me through gruelling but also amazing experiences and while I have not always shown it the love and appreciation it deserved I am now at a place where I know we are in this together and it is an inherent part of me and I cannot love myself without loving my body. Committing to images where my body is at now is special, sure I could wait to have made time for the gym and reached certain milestones  but this would not be fair to all that it is doing right now. So I have my Boudoir portraits now and I am making a habit of doing them regularly to celebrate myself and every little change that marks a new memory. 

If you have any questions about Boudoir portraits or would like to try it for yourself, at Esquisse Intime we offer a range of sessions including a taster one if you just want to quickly dip your toes and see if it is something you would enjoy. I hope you have a lovely day,


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