Dreams shaping Glasgow - Chapter 1: The Dorky French

This is a special treat because the Dorky French, a dream made reality by the lovely Marlène is celebrating its first Anniversary this weekend as I write and if you follow me on my personal account on Instagram chances are you will have seen my many posts of appreciation for the delicious goodies the Dorky French bakery brings weekly to Glasgow.

When I asked Marlène what brought her joy with the Dorky French she wrote: "My drive is knowing what the products mean to TheDorkyFrench customers, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth doing [...]; what makes me happy is seeing people’s smiles and excitement ! The best compliment is when a customer says it’s the « best pastries they’ve ever had, vegan and not vegan » because that was the vision behind creating this".

And joy she brings into the world for her many customers, you only need to see them queue outside of 39 Parnie Street, no matter the weather to know this is a stop worth making. I first visited this little spot of Heaven last summer; as a French citizen it meant a lot to my heart, being able to share with my children something that is part of our roots is priceless, making it part of our weekly routine is a dream come true in more than one way...

You see there is extra magic in what Marlène has achieved with her Bakery, not only is it the most authentic taste of France but she managed to use vegan and for some of it gluten free ingredients in doing so, you would never know from as it tastes just the way you have ever dreamt it should taste. This little touch of love makes the Dorky French viennoiseries and treats accessible not only to the Vegan community in Glasgow but also to people like one of my son who suffer from dairy allergy who would never otherwise have the chance to enjoy this true taste of France.

Of course, a croissant is always nicely paired with a lovely café and you will find a lovely selection of freshly prepared drinks served with a smile from the amazing members of the Dorky French. 

So if you are looking somewhere special to go this week the Dorky French should be on your list and take part of this dream come true that shapes Glasgow and its multiculturalism.

Be warned though, the choice is such you will probably need more than one visit!


Thank  you for reading this article. You can find the Dorky French Bakery at 39 Parnie Street in Glasgow and online at www.thedorkyfrench.com and Instagram, they are open from Thursday to Sunday.

I hope you have a magical day, 



This article is part of a new series showcasing Dreams that are shaping Glasgow and their creators. If you too are or know someone who is behind a creative force for good and making their dream happen please get in touch to be featured in this series.




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